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Milk is the Key to Being Vegan

This is very much based on personal experience, and I am sure there are lots of ways to get in to being vegan, but knowing failed vegans, current vegans and people who go on about how hard it must be, … Continue reading

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Petition to recognise Palestine

Just a quick post to point out that there is currently a HM Government petition calling for the UK to vote in favour of the Palestinian bid to join the UN. The fact that it is done through HM Government … Continue reading

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Help the World by Doing Nothing

When your computer is turned on, there is no way it will be using all of it’s power – it could be thinking about hundreds or thousands of other things while you are browsing the internet. And I recently found … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to be a Vegan

I am a vegan. A lot of people end up asking why when they eventually find out, enough that I now have a “standard” response. My five reasons make up this response: It is cheaper It is healthier it is … Continue reading

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Clothes Shopping – How Uneccessary!

My sister came to visit this weekend and insisted on browsing the local shops. A lot of fashion now seems to be going back in time, which just reminded me of how arbitrary fashion is. If someone tells me I … Continue reading

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