Help the World by Doing Nothing

When your computer is turned on, there is no way it will be using all of it’s power – it could be thinking about hundreds or thousands of other things while you are browsing the internet. And I recently found that medical and other research groups have found out how to use this to combat cancer, AIDS and global warming. So please have a look at the full list on Wikipedia and choose one, or choose one from the short list below.

A list of highlights of these programs includes:

Hopefully this will encourage a couple of people to use this and help the cause 🙂

There is a bit more info on my other blog.


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A PhD student at Southampton uni, studying pure maths. Have various interests, which often change quite significantly, but generally centre around being a nice person to some degree or other. I like to make a point of not following general, according to my ability to do so (extricating myself from capitalism does not seem realistic right now!). I try to be logical. Atheist. Linux user. Vegan. That'll do for now.
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One Response to Help the World by Doing Nothing

  1. Julie G. says:

    thank you for useful information! 🙂

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