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A PhD student at Southampton uni, studying pure maths. Have various interests, which often change quite significantly, but generally centre around being a nice person to some degree or other. I like to make a point of not following general, according to my ability to do so (extricating myself from capitalism does not seem realistic right now!). I try to be logical. Atheist. Linux user. Vegan. That'll do for now.

Diego Garcia – The Island the UK sold for a military base

I recently heard of Diego Garcia , and was surprised that I had never heard about what happened there before. Apparently this was big news in the mid 70’s, and did have a slight resurgence of interest about 5 years … Continue reading

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My little bit about the Falkland Islands

I recently read a short article in my university’s student paper regarding the Falkland Islands (in particular, it was criticising Sean Penn’s comments). Whilst some comments required no knowledge for me to criticise, over all I felt that I should … Continue reading

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Why You Should Boycott Nestle

Nestle have participated in many unethical activities over the (very recent) years; formula milk sales in developing countries lead to approximately 1.4 million infants dying, an industry in which Nestle have a 40% share; claiming that “Bottled water is the … Continue reading

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Milk is the Key to Being Vegan

This is very much based on personal experience, and I am sure there are lots of ways to get in to being vegan, but knowing failed vegans, current vegans and people who go on about how hard it must be, … Continue reading

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Petition to recognise Palestine

Just a quick post to point out that there is currently a HM Government petition calling for the UK to vote in favour of the Palestinian bid to join the UN. The fact that it is done through HM Government … Continue reading

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Help the World by Doing Nothing

When your computer is turned on, there is no way it will be using all of it’s power – it could be thinking about hundreds or thousands of other things while you are browsing the internet. And I recently found … Continue reading

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Five Reasons to be a Vegan

I am a vegan. A lot of people end up asking why when they eventually find out, enough that I now have a “standard” response. My five reasons make up this response: It is cheaper It is healthier it is … Continue reading

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