Clothes Shopping – How Uneccessary!

My sister came to visit this weekend and insisted on browsing the local shops. A lot of fashion now seems to be going back in time, which just reminded me of how arbitrary fashion is. If someone tells me I am not fashionable then I am not wearing what shops currently sell.

I have enough clothes for a couple of years, bar some trousers,  so why would I buy more? Do you buy new crockery, tables or clocks for random reasons, just to chuck out the old ones that are fine? Probably not, so why clothes?  And they aren’t much cheaper than the the other things I mentioned! I also don’t see why anyone would go to anywhere but a charity shop right now for clothes, but I guess that is more personal.

Anyway, to look at some of the harmful aspects of the clothing industry:

  1. Sweat shops are very common place in the production of goods for the industry*
  2. The advertising encourages a whole host of  image based mental health conditions
  3. A lot of bullying at young ages will be based on how fashionable someone is
  4. This then continues in to older age as classism –  just look at exclusive balls
  5. A massive waste of money and resources

I am aware that it is an individual choice to go shopping. However, it is socially assumed that one knows about fashion and should follow it to some degree, as though it is the fashion code, not highway code! It also seems bizarre that clothes seem to be one of the only things you can’t have too much. I can think of nothing else which people so universally have in such excess.

So basically, I see fashion as a useless excess that has far too much of the UK in it’s grasp, and I really don’t understand why. I just hope people become less obsessed.

*If anyone knows whether cheap old Primark is actually any worse than any other hight street store I would be much obliged.

For fuller version see my more detailed blog.

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